5 corner showers - space-saving and practical

Simple elegance
The pentagonal solution saves space without major compromises. Especially in smaller bathrooms, the pentagonal shape helps to reduce the shower area and thus gain space in the bathroom. However, due to the shape, hardly any space is lost when showering.

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Lenses: clear, textured, printed

Clear crystal glass, textured glass, tinted glass and printed glass in various colors, with various motifs, opaque or translucent.

Fittings: function meets design

Our fittings are made of solid brass and then finished to a high standard.
The different series have a wide variety of functions: lifting and lowering mechanism, pendulum function inwards and outwards, flush with the surface on the inside for easy and hygienic cleaning.

Our lenses: clear, structured, printed

Show glasses

clear crystal glass, textured glass, tinted glass and printed glass... more

Our fittings: function meets design

Show fittings

Our fittings are made of solid brass... more

Our accessories

Show accessories

handrail, towel rack and more