Lenses: clear, textured, printed, backlit

Clear crystal glass, textured glass, tinted glass and printed glass in various colors, with various motifs, opaque or translucent.

Our safety glass complies with DIN 1249 or
EN 12150. We use flat and curved tempered safety glass in 6 and 8 mm thicknesses.

Product information on single-pane safety glass (ESG)

Thermal and physical properties

The properties of ESG are based on the tempering process, in which float glass is heated to around 620°C in the tempering oven with constant movement and then blown off with cold air.
This gives the glass three outstanding properties:

1. It has four to five times higher bending strength and higher impact and impact resistance than normal glass.

2. It is highly resistant to temperature changes within the glass surface (up to 200 Kelvin). These properties remain until
Maintained at 250° C and below 0° C.

3. If it breaks under excessive load, it breaks down into blunt-edged, loosely connected crumbs (requirements defined in DIN 1249 or EN 12150), which pose a much lower risk of injury than the sharp-edged shards of normal glass.

Visual quality

Since the glass is in contact with the rollers of the furnace during the tempering process, surface distortions are introduced. This
are generally noticeable in reflection.

As a result of the thermal tempering process, chemical and mechanical changes in the surface condition, such as the formation of dots and rolling prints, can occur in the respective type of glass.

As a result of tempering, different tensions are introduced into the cross section of the glass. These voltages cause double refraction
in the glass, which is visible in polarized light (anisotropy).
Excerpt from the guidelines for assessing the visual quality of glass:

The glass surface is viewed from a distance of at least 1 m with normal (diffuse) illumination from a vertical viewing angle
checked. Small, imperceptible hair scratches are permitted due to production and in unheaped form. The points given are due to production and do not entitle you to complain.

When cleaning glass surfaces, it is essential to follow the cleaning instructions.


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